Warranty conditions

For the purchased goods the general warranty terms and conditions attached to particular goods apply. The invoice counts as warranty card, if warranty card has not been supplied on delivery. IT Grupa d.o.o. guarantees that the devices do not have, at the time of shipping any manufacturing, material or functional defects.

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. The warranty for technical product is at least 12 months. Manufacturer of certain technical products offers a longer warranty period than the minimum, in which case, see the attached warranty sheet. For technical products, for which the warranty period is not specified in the warranty list, delivery note or invoice, it is understood that the warranty is 12 months.


The warranty is not recognized in the following cases:

  • if the customer did not act in accordance with the instructions for use of the product
  • if the customer improperly or carelessly handled the product
  • if the product is handled by an unauthorized person
  • if the fault is due to force majeure (eg. Lightning strike, uneven tension in the network, etc.)
  • if it was incorrectly installed
  • if the fault is due to improper use of consumables (eg. If the printer was loaded with the toner which is not sold by the IT group doo, etc.)
  • if there is a malfunction during transport after product delivery
  • if the equipment is furnished in erroneous area (humidity, dust, heat, cold, etc.)
  • if the fault is due to overvoltage or leaking batteries
  • if non-original parts were placed in the product
  • if the product is improperly maintained
  • if the customer adapted the use of the product to their specific requirements that are not in accordance with the prescribed use


Consumable parts that are subjected to constant wear (media, ribbons, toner cartridges, printer head, unit development, projector lamps, batteries etc.) are excluded from the warranty. The warranty period does not apply to software, which is the subject of intellectual property. Cleaning of the products while under warranty is also not free of charge.

A product that breaks down within the warranty period, will be fixed within 45 days, and if possible, according to customer wishes, replaced by new one. Service or supplier does not warrant the data on memory cards. For unjustified warranty demands we will charge according to the current price list.

For the recognition of the warranty we recommend delivering the claims record with the description of the error and the environment in which the device was used, a copy of the invoice and the invoice and warranty card. Realisation of the warranty can be done only for the equipment which, when purchased, was supplied with warranty card and complete technical documentation. It is mandatory to attach at least one document (invoice, invoice, warranty card) from which one can see the date of purchase of equipment. For products that have the original warranty card with serial number, it is necessary to attach that.


For additional information and explanations we are available to you on the phone 01 / 2220-600 or at e-mail: info@it-grupa.hr.

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