• Do you want better communication between departments within the company?
  • Do you think you spend too much time getting specific and accurate information?
  • Want to manage your team more effectively with all the information you need?
  • Your employee is on sick leave and you do not know what he was doing and what he was supposed to do?
  • Want to know how each project is progressing?

If any of your answers to this question is "yes", Microsoft Windows Sharepoint can greatly help you make your business easier and faster. Microsoft Windows Sharepoint is a data management system, an intranet site for collaboration between business and other project teams and organizations.

Some of the features provided by Microsoft Windows Sharepoint:
  • Opportunities for effective planning
  • Quick access to current data
  • Exchange and share Office documents
  • Project status monitoring
  • Effective and easy management of business tasks
  • Keeping track of shared calendars (sick leave, vacations, motor vehicles)
  • Keeping track of administrative documentation, records, lists...

In addition to the basic built-in features, Sharepoint enables you to connect to other business applications.

Our experts will guide you through the stages of analyzing your needs, planning the optimal information system in terms of security, ease of use and transparency of solutions and performance. We train your employees to use Sharepoint through hands-on training.


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