WARPIT- the simplest tool you will ever use for (market) research!

Warpit is a program for conducting various types of research. It has been developed for over 15 years in collaboration with experts from different areas of computer science, marketing, communication and sociology to provide you with everything you need for a simple and reliable research that fits your preferences and needs. To ensure that it represents the best possible product on the market Warpit passed a series of tests for the most demanding forms of research and projects.

Its quality is evidenced by the fact that Warpit is the primary choice for more than 500 agents in 12 different countries across Europe, including some of the largest research agencies.

Let us show you that unlike other programmes and tools for research you used Warpit is far more innovative, creative, easy and fun to use. Allow us to improve your experience and justify your trust in Warpit as the simplest and most effective tool for research.


The main advantage of Warpit is that it is extremely flexible and it easily supports the whole research process or just a particular phase you need for high-quality and targeted research. In addition, Warpit supports the data collecting in every possible way-by phone, online or in the field. It offers you a choice between 30 different types of questions, different types of panels, control over the work of the interviewers who conducted the research through questionnaires, as well as range of other innovative features that are designed to personalize the type and the course of the research according to your wishes. To achieve that Warpit has three main functions that can be autonomously adapted; Survey manager, Panel Manager and Report Manager, more precise management of surveys, panels and reports from the research.

Warpit offers a new level of flexibility which allows constant access to research results, as well as their detailed analysis. In addition, the desired data can be quickly and easily presented, in a way that best suits you via the Report Manager, through interactive presentations that can then be published on the internet in the form of widgets.


Thanks to its three main advantages, simplicity, flexibility and quality, Warpit has established itself in the last 10 years as an innovative product in the European market. It was deservedly labelled as fast growing tool for conducting research to which customers are gladly returning to every time they need fast and reliable results. And for those who have yet to discover it, it is a pleasant surprise that they readily incorporate into their business in order to permanently and effectively improve it.


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